22 South Beltline Hwy. East • P.O. Box 2423  •  Scottsbluff, NE 69363    •    308.635.2318

Facilities & Services

Why Exercise?

Obesity is associated with a series of chronic health conditions such as respiratory problems, heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of cancer. Here at the Y we strive to combat and prevent these conditions by promoting an active, social, and fit lifestyle; by being a part of what we do here at the Y you will have the opportunity to learn how to improve your health while achieving a more wholesome spirit, mind and body. Join us and learn about group exercise at your Scottsbluff Family YMCA!!

Free-Weight Room

The YMCA offers 2000 square feet of the latest and greatest in free-weight equipment. Certified instructors are available for personal training sessions. The free-weight room hours are the same as the building hours.

Call (308) 635-2318 for your orientation or personal trainer scheduling.

Circuit Room

Make an appointment with one of the YMCA’s certified instructors and let them design a workout tailored to fit your individual fitness needs. Each member must attend a program orientation before being able to use the circuit room. Contact the YMCA to schedule an orientation time!

Group Fitness

The Y has numerous classes for any person at any level of fitness on a weekly basis.  These classes are tailored for all ages, gender and whether you are just beginning or have been a faithful health and fitness athlete.

Check out our Group Fitness schedule for Cycling classes.

Water workout

We have a Lap Pool, Therapy Pool and Hot tub for all your water needs.  The Therapy pool is kept at a warmer temperature for therapy needs from surgery or falls.

24/7 Access

Active Members ages 18 years and older has access to Circuit Room & Free Weight Room after business hours.  Remainder of the building is closed after business hours.  Each Member MUST SCAN in at DOOR AND COMPUTER for security and safety purposes.