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Fitness Classes & Personal Training

Fitness Training Classes are one of our core services to our members. The Scottsbluff Family YMCA offers a range of fitness programs for people of all ages and abilities. From children to teenagers, adults and senior citizens, we have a fitness class for everyone! Our fitness classes are offered in a group setting or as one-on-one training with a certified YMCA trainer. Our goal is to help you be fit, healthy, and confident. Check out our list of classes below and sign up today to take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Training Classes are one of our core services to our members. The Scottsbluff Family YMCA offers a range of fitness programs for people of all ages and abilities, from children to teenagers to senior citizens. 

Class Descriptions

Aqua Body Strong Water Yoga – (Pool) – Put your fitness to the test with Aqua Body Strong (ABS) the new balance and strength-based water workout that challenges you to maintain proper postural control and alignment while performing yoga HIIT Pilates and resistance band exercises. You’ll burn calories, increase strength, balance, endurance, and focus, while having a great time!

Barre without the Bar – (MPR, North Gym) – This 45 minute class combines Barre with techniques with Pilates for an intense workout burn without high impact moves.  We will do total body work with circuits targeting the upper body, legs/glutes and core followed by flexibility stretching.

Boot Camp – Conrad, Nicole, (MPR, North Gym) – A full body workout with a combination of strength, conditioning and cardio.  The program is designed for all fitness levels!

Cardio Kickbox – (MPR, North Gym) – Cardio kickbox is a fun and intense way to burn off anything extra.  Each song is uniquely choreographed using kicks, punches, jumps and a little bit of Latin flare.  Each class begins with cardio and ends with full body sculpting.  This class will make you sweat and have fun while doing it!

Core Conditioning – (MPR, TRX, North Gym) – Strengthen your abdominal, obliques, lower back, glutes and hamstrings using BOSU balls, hand weights, bands, gliders and body weight training.  End with a core, hip and hamstring stretching sequence.

Cycling – (MPR) – This class is for everyone, at any age and at every level of fitness.  This is a forty to fifty minute cardio workout on a spinning bike.  Fun, safe and challenging.

Latin Hip Hop – (MPR, TRX) – This class combines functional training with the style and fun of Latino dance.  Join to get a cardio workout while following simple moves to dance your way to healthier self.  Everyone can join and go at a pace that works for them.  Be ready to get a total body workout while having fun!

Kick Box Conditioning (adult) – (North Gym) – High intensity kickbox and circuit training promoting endurance and core strength along with increased mental and physical focus.

Power Pump – (MPR, North Gym) – In this weight training class, you can expect to squat, chest press, dead row, lunge, curl and clean and press to music using variable barbell weight with high repetition.

Power Pump Extreme – (MPR) – All the elements of traditional Pump with challenging cardio intervals inserted between Pump sets.

Resistance Ready – (North Gym) – be ready to get some training in without always using traditional weights as your form of resistance.  This class will rotate between using Power Pump weights, KettleBells and resistance bands to ensure you are getting a variety of different tools and resistance while gaining strength and burning fat.

Senior Fitness – (MPR) – Silver Sneakers – for improving strength, flexibility, posture and balance. Exercise at your own pace with resistance tools including bands, balls, and weights. Active Older Adults – this class combines resistance exercises and weight training to decrease the risk of osteoporosis and increase stamina, flexibility and range of motion.

TRX – (TRX) – Experience tons of full body exercises with suspension training. Help build strength, flexibility, stability, mobility and endurance.

Yoga – (MPR) – This Hatha yoga mat class provides an opportunity to stretch, unwind and release tension through breathing techniques and a series of movements that help improve balance, flexibility and strength.  The slower pace of this class allows beginners, as well as those with more experience, the time to explore alignment and fundamental aspects of the postures while being physically and mentally challenging.

Fitness Class Schedule

Schedules are subject to change, please contact us if you have questions.

Personal Training

Personal Training is offered at the Scottsbluff Family YMCA. Our one-on-one training with a personal training instructor helps you get started at your specific fitness level. Your trainer will design a program based specifically to fit your needs, goals and objectives.

  • All Personal Training sessions are one hour
  • All sessions must be paid for at the YMCA front desk, prior to the first training session
  • Clients must be current Scottsbluff Family YMCA members

The time is now to begin your total body transformation. Let’s get started today!

Personal Training Packages

6 Block

Package #1
$ 207 6 sessions
  • Upfront payment
  • Block of 6 sessions
  • 1 hour per session

20 Block

Package #2
$ 588 20 sessions
  • Upfront payment
  • Block of 20 sessions
  • 1 hour per session

Weekly ACH

Package #3
$ 33 per session
  • Auto pay-as-you-go
  • Minimum of 6 Weeks
  • 1 hour per session

Meet Your Personal Trainers!

Background:YMCA CEO
Specializes:Cardio Endurance, Running, Military Training
Certifications:NETA Certified Personal Trainer;
Certified Kettlebell Instructor;
Certified Cycling Instructor
Availability:Contact YMCA for openings
Background:20 + years of Group Fitness Instruction, Personal Training
Specializes:Women Strength Training, Long term wellness planning
Availability:Contact YMCA for openings
Background:20 + years of fitness training including personal training and group fitness
Specializes:Wellness, Personal Training, Women Strength Training, Sport-Specific Training
Certifications:NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NETA Cycling
Availability:Contact YMCA for openings
Background:Weight Training and Competitive Power-lifting
Specializes:Strength Training, Weightlifting, Free Weights, Beginner Weight Training, Special Needs Adaptation
Availability:Contact YMCA for openings
Background:Weight Training, High School Cross Country Competitor
Specializes:Women Strength Training, HIIT Training, Youth Weight Training
Certifications:ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Availability:Contact YMCA for openings

Equipment Orientation

We like to make sure every one of our members is comfortable using all the equipment we have here at the YMCA. Contact us and get signed up for an equipment orientation session today.


Silver Sneakers is offered here!

Here are some classes that may be offered: Circuit, Classic, Splash, Boom, & Yoga.

Click on the link below to check out the class descriptions.  Contact the front desk for information on how to become a member of the YMCA or to get more information about Silver Sneakers!

Youth Beginning Weight Training

Jason Schmidt has a passion for sharing his fitness knowledge and Christian faith with individuals in our community. He has been lifting at the YMCA for 30+ years and is a local Pastor. Jason will help your youth learn safe and proper lifting techniques and resistance training. Start your child down the path to a healthier lifestyle with youth beginning weight training classes. Jason is a tremendous role model to everyone he crosses paths with.

  • Ages 12 and up
  • 8 week program runs continuously – you can start anytime!
  • Meets Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 4:45pm – 6:00pm

Get your son or daughter up and moving by joining the Scottsbluff YMCA’s Youth Beginning Weight Training Program.

Weight Training Package


$ 100 8 Weeks
  • 2x a week
  • Youth ages 12+
  • Start anytime


$ 125 8 Weeks
  • 2x a week
  • Youth ages 12+
  • Start anytime

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