Scottsbluff Family YMCA

Facilities & Services

Why Exercise?

Obesity is associated with a series of chronic health conditions such as respiratory problems, heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of cancer. Here at the Y we strive to combat and prevent these conditions by promoting an active, social, and fit lifestyle; by being a part of what we do here at the Y you will have the opportunity to learn how to improve your health while achieving a more wholesome spirit, mind and body. Join us and learn about group exercise at your Scottsbluff Family YMCA!!

Free-Weight Room

The YMCA offers 2000 square feet of the latest and greatest in free-weight equipment. Certified instructors are available for personal training sessions. The free-weight room hours are the same as the building hours.

Express Workout

This newly remodeled room is equipped with 10 different stations featuring technogym  machines for strength and Schwinn Air Dynes for cardio. The idea is to spend thirty seconds at each station, which gives users a great total body workout. YMCA members must be at least 12 years or older to use this room.

Call (308) 635-2318 for your orientation.

Circuit Room

Make an appointment with one of the YMCA’s certified instructors and let them design a workout tailored to fit your individual fitness needs. Each member must attend a program orientation before being able to use the circuit room. Contact the YMCA to schedule an orientation time!

Spinning Room

Biking is a low resistance, effective workout that can benefit everyone from beginners to world class athletes!

Call Lola to set up a time.


Available by reservation or first come first serve basis and only 1 racquetball court