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May brings us to the “Easy as 1-2-3 Promotion”

Have you been wanting to get signed up at the YMCA but you just have not had a minute to get there?
Well here is your chance to sign up and utilize the YMCA for 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS for FREE…
that is right we said FREE for THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS.


1.  Enter your information below to begin the process to your 3 days of Scottsbluff Family YMCA access.


Easy as 1-2-3! May Promotion.

  • We will contact you once we get your information to set up an orientation time for you.
  • Orientation is required for all members and we have the best staff members to help you get acquainted with the machines before you start. We also have Personal Trainers you can purchase hours with later on as well.


2.  Wait for a call from the Scottsbluff YMCA staff.


3.   Schedule your 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS.

It is up to you to utilize your 3 consecutive days.  We will schedule them and you have all day during our open hours to attend the Scottsbluff YMCA downtown branch.  You will not be able to reschedule as there are multiple times during the day for you to access the YMCA.  Our 24 hour facility at Regional West would not be available unless you decided to sign up as a member after your 3 Consecutive Days.

ALL YMCA policies will apply for all members/promotion members/guests including but not limited to sex offenders not being able to be utilize our facility.  Please ask for our policies when you come in for your orientation.

First step to a healthier you is always the hardest but we know “YOU GOT THIS”.