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Message to Members 20 November 2020 – Upgraded Health Measures
Effective 16 November 2020, we have asked all members, guests and vendors to wear a protective face mask while entering, moving about and exiting our facilities.  Masks should be worn at all times when interacting with other members.  During exercise events like machine or group fitness workouts, masks may be removed to allow for adequate breathing.
We have asked all members and guests to maintain a minimum of six feet spacing between themselves and other facility users.  This practice will be followed in all group fitness classes. In the circuit, country, gallery, free weight and cable rooms, participants should utilize every other machine or workout station to help maintain this social distance requirement.
For the time being, we have restricted pool access to a maximum of 20 people at any given time.  The pool area will be closed to members during the weekday and Saturday morning practice times of our Seacats Swim Team.  Our hot tub and saunas are now restricted to a maximum of two people in each area.  Members should minimize their time spent in these areas to allow other members their turn.
Effective 20 November 2020, we are asking all youth (under age 18) to wear protective face masks while moving about the YMCA and when participating in any YMCA activities. The objective of this mandate is to mirror as closely as possible the face mask criteria in place at our public schools.  We will now also require all youth who are on-site without an adult to be picked up from our facilities one full hour before the close of business each day; 8:00 pm on weekdays, 5:30 pm on Saturdays and 4:00 pm on Sundays.

These new measures will be in effect until further notice.

Let’s work together to keep our YMCA open and safe.

Join us in our Group Fitness Classes, check out the schedule under Facility Schedules!

Did you know that as an adult member you have 4 guest day passes a year? You sure do…you can use one to bring a friend to a Group Fitness class or give to family coming in to town. You have to approve it in order for us to use it for your guest. Inquire about it at the front desk and use your passes before the end of the year as they will not carry over and you will have 4 in 2019 as well.

Our Mission

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, and positive youth development to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay.

The Massey Family Cabin is a very cozy cabin with a kitchenette in it, sleeps 4 people and is available for rental.

2020 YMCA Summer Day Camp enjoying their ice cream they made!

Kickbox Boot Camp is the place to be if you want a great workout with Conrad!

Did you know you can use your YMCA membership at other YMCA’s while you are traveling?  Yes you can take your scan card with you and utilize other YMCA’s across the nation.  There is of course a very small portion of the YMCA’s that do not participate just so you are aware of that as well.  We suggest you call or check with the YMCA in the area you are traveling to!


We are very proud of our YMCA Preschool chosen as “READERS CHOICE FOR 2019” from all of you.  The children at our Preschool are lucky to have Mrs. Smith and her staff to learn from and they also get to go on some educational field trips.

Trails West Camp has the best view in town!  We have the best place for all of your family, church or business meeting or gathering needs.

More Fun on the Farm at KinderKamp 2019…

T-Ball at Trails West Camp!

Check out our Birthday Party options under Family Activities!

Indoor Soccer at the YMCA!  Teaching basic soccer techniques to our youth.

Gering Public Schools After-School Program is in full swing and we want more kids to come join the fun.  AFTER THE BELL we got what you need.  Call the YMCA 308-635-2318

Biddy Sports Sampler

Kinderkamp 2020

Team Building at Trails West Camp is great for all ages. It is a great way to bring staff members together as a TEAM!

Trails West YMCA Camp Pavilion… Book your wedding or group gathering now!

YMCA Afterschool Program at Gering. Fun activities for your child after school. Come join this fun and structured program!

Kiwanis Lodge at Trails West YMCA Camp. Book for your business meetings, birthday parties, family reunions or weddings.

State Patrol Officer Cody Potthast is showing the MWF Preschool classes some neat gear that Police officers use.

Families coming together to create a positive healthy lifestyle!

Sargent Kite showing us his Police car after he spent some time reading to the T-Th Preschool Classes.

Our CEO spends his fair share of time in the Preschool reading or visiting our future YMCA members!

Scottsbluff Firemen came and taught the T-Th Preschool Classes “Stop, Drop & Roll”! Important things for our YMCA kids to know and we appreciate all our men and women Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s and all they do for our community.

Checking out the Fire Trucks is so much fun and it shows in those smiles!

Sargent Kite reading to the T-Th Classes that is greatly enjoyed by our little YMCA kids!

The MWF Preschool Classes visited the Scottsbluff Fire Station and got to practice squirting the fire hose. Maybe we will have some future Fire Fighters!

The Y. For a better us:  Us… is a Possibility. Us… is Empowering!


Welcome to the Scottsbluff Family YMCA (Video)

Our Mission

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, and positive youth development to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay.